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Necropolis of Son Real (Cemetery of the Phoenicians)

The public estate of Son Real is located on the Northwest coast of Mallorca, in the municipality of Santa Margalida. It has an area of ​​395 hectares. It is a large open-air museum where important archaeological, ethnographic and natural remains are concentrated. It is a unique necropolis in Mallorca and the Western Mediterranean.

There are a series of tombs that reproduce, on a small scale, the most important constructions of the Talayotic culture (naviform chambers, square and circular talayots).

This place is dated to the Iron Age and was a settlement from this time until Roman times.

Inside this necropolis, the subterranean tombs have different shapes: square and circular (late 7th-6th century BC) with a horseshoe-shaped plan (5th century BC) and rectangular (4th century BC – I AD). 109 tombs are preserved in an area of ​​approx. of 800m2 where the remains of about 300 people were located, but it is possible that more than 400 were buried.

The Son Real farm is located just 6 km from the Aparthotel Dunes Platja, you can visit and we will find from a possession, autochthonous animals (sheep, black pigs, peacocks, donkeys, etc.) that are properly cared for and raised, a totally ecological agricultural production, highlighting the almond tree crops, carob and fig trees.

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